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Quality Air Conditioning Brands in Gladstone

Enjoy the perfect temperature all year-round with a quality air conditioner from our team at AMAC Air Conditioning. With systems from trusted brands, like Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Toshiba and Carrier, we have a solution for everyone.

Aside from standard domestic installations and repairs, our team also provides air conditioning sales and service for commercial and industrial buildings. We can even work on vehicles.

Contact our team today to get a quote on your new air conditioner, or to book on-site repairs.

Domestic Air Conditioning

There are a number of options available when it comes to keeping your home comfortable. At AMAC Air Conditioning, we provide a range of affordable domestic systems, including box, ducted and split system air conditioners. Each has its unique features, and it will depend on your home as to which unit is best for you. Of course, we can also repair and maintain your current air conditioning as well.


As an older style unit, box air conditioners have dropped in popularity due to the rise of highly efficient split system models. However, they are still one of the cheapest options on the market and are great for cooling down small or medium sized rooms throughout your home.


Arguably the best option for large homes, ducted systems provide a completely controlled system run from a central control panel. Making use of ducts, air outlets and sensors in separate rooms, these models are able to provide superior cooling or heating throughout any number of rooms.

Split System

The most popular system on the market currently, split system air conditioners make use of a compressor outdoor unit, and an indoor evaporator, connected by piping and electrical wiring through your wall. We have a number of options available, including reverse cycle, cool only, inverter or heat and cool models.

Because we hold both an ARCtick and an electrical licence, we’re able to completely install your system, including all of the electrical wiring and cabling.

When it’s time to upgrade the air conditioner in your home, contact our AMAC Air Conditioning office in Glen Eden. We sell, install, service and repair units throughout the Gladstone region.


Keeping your workplace cool is important for both your customers and your employees. Each business has its specific requirements.  That’s why our experienced technicians come to your commercial building to provide a quote tailored to the space and cooling or heating needs.

Contact our AMAC Air Conditioning team for a quote today. We also offer affordable repairs, maintenance and regular servicing throughout Gladstone for all commercial air conditioning systems.


Perfect for remotely managing the temperature in different rooms, ducted systems give you a level of control that no other system can match. Using zoning technology, you can often hook your control system up to your smartphone; giving you total control of the cooling or heating throughout your entire building.

However, ducted systems require a fair bit of space, making them ideal for offices rather than single or dual-room businesses.

Split System

Similar to their domestic counterparts, commercial split system air conditioners make use of indoor and outdoor units, connected by pipes to provide small to medium-sized buildings with superior cooling and heating.

Care should be taken to ensure you pick the right size system. To make this easier, our installers can come and inspect your property, giving you expert advice on what system is best suited to you.


If you’ve got large, open areas that need cooling or heating, then a packaged unit air conditioning system might be what you need.

These fully self-contained units are usually installed outside, either on the roof or on the ground. This exterior positioning makes them easier to access for maintenance and servicing, saving you money in the long-term.

Water Cooled

Using centralised heating and cooling rooms, combined with industrial-grade pumps and pipes, we can provide a consistent temperature throughout your apartment complex or large residential building.

Water cooled systems are designed to reduce your overall energy bills and are far more efficient than ducted or split system air conditioning for high rise complexes and other multistorey buildings.

Custom Systems

Don’t think any of these options suit your needs exactly? Contact our office to discuss a custom-made system. We can also install and repair industrial air dryers, ensuring you consistently get moisture-free air.

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